Generation 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

“King of the Lost Boys”

I open my eyes warily, deciding that waking up having no idea where I was, was becoming far too common.


“Ah, she awakens,” a voice calls. I frown I know that voice, my brain was just trying to place it. As I turn I see the pirate, the owner of the voice. He sat at a table watching me with an annoying smile on his face. Across from him sat a person I recognized though it took me a while to place the face, it was the man who had run away from me on my first arrival in Neverland. Had it really only been a couple of days? It felt like a lifetime.


“You’ve changed your tune,” I comment to him, realizing that he must have saved our lives and remembering he was quite against helping me when I first met him.

He shook his head, “I didn’t know who you were, if I had realized you were Wendy’s daughter, I would have done anything to help you,” he tells me, his voice is earnest and desperate.  I don’t why but this saddens me, my mother had all these people in Neverland that cared about her, and now, now she had nothing. I wondered if leaving Neverland drove her crazy, but then again Uncle John was fine. Something drove her crazy anyhow.

“Well that’s great,” I mutter, sitting up, still trying to work out what it was Peter Pan wanted from me.

“I’m Rufio,” he introduces himself, smiling expectantly at me, as if he wants something.

“I’m Belle,” I reply unsure of what to say. Rufio’s face falters as if somehow in two simple words I had ruined his world.

“Well I’m James,” the pirate says breaking the unbearable silence, “and I should be going.” He picks himself up, gulping down the drink on the table.

Rufio gives him a wide-eyed look, “You can’t Belle’s not safe, neither of us are,” he tells James, reminding me of how true his words are.

James shrugs, “Look I’ll never get your absurd devotion to the Darlings, but I’ve really never had an interest in it. I only helped Wendy leave, because I knew it’d piss of Pan,” James informs him, with a smirk across his face, the kind of one you have when a memory is running through your mind.


I frown as a revelation hit me, these two people probably knew my mother better than me, in fact probably half of Neverland did and the thought saddens me. Yet maybe all wasn’t lost, because with that realization came another one, my father was most likely still on Neverland. All those years spent feeling like a part of me was missing, it didn’t have to be like that anymore. There was no way in hell I would leave Neverland until I met my father.

“And you don’t think hiding Belle won’t anger him even more,” Rufio’s words bring my mind crashing back to reality or Neverland. James considers the proposal, and I can’t believe it. Was annoying your enemy more important than your life?

“I do believe you might be right,” James agreed. Apparently so.

“Look I’m not interested in being hidden by a pirate,” I manage to spit the word out as if it is an insult, because as far as I was concerned pirates were nothing but bad news, “I want to know who my father is.” Rufio seems more visibly affected by the announcement, whereas James just seems amused.

“Your father?” Rufio splutters, as if can’t form the words, “I mean who, why would you think he was from Neverland?”

I roll my eyes, “Come on Peter Pan didn’t bring me all the way here for nothing, he called me a child of Neverland, I know I was born in the real world which just leads to the conclusion I was conceived here,” I explain to them,


I almost flinch at the words. Imagining my mother like that with someone. James pulls out his bottle again, “Well I think I’ll sit out for this one,” he comments, disappearing out the door.

Rufio looks at me, “Your father right well, lots of people considered him the King of the Lost Boys,” he starts to explain before I interrupt, “oh god its Peter Pan isn’t it?” I question in horror.

Rufio’s eyes widen, “No of course not,” he corrects me, “where would you even get that idea?” he asks.


I stare at him, “You did just say King of the Lost Boys what was I meant to think?” I question him, who else was King of the Lost Boys.

“Well I meant in a way he was the favourite of the Lost Boys, whenever Peter Pan was away he ruled them,” he gave me a quizzical look, “your mother said nothing to you of this?”

I shrug, “No I mean in her stories it was just Slightly, and the twins and,” I pause here trying to search my memories but the rest of the names weren’t coming. Rufio sighs and it seems almost sad, as if can’t quite believe my mother wouldn’t inform me of something so important.

I lean forward, “Is he, I mean here, can I meet him?” I can hardly believe how eager I sound but the thought of meeting this mysterious entity sent excitement through my core.

Rufio smiles at my excitement, “He’s, well after he helped Wendy escape he went into hiding, Peter Pan wants him punished you see,” Rufio explains, frowning as if he feels these events keenly.

“Well you have to tell me how to find him,” I declare, not allowing anything to dampen my happiness.

“No,” Rufio snaps the word out, “I mean you have to go with James, I don’t know what Peter Pan wants with you but believe me, he’ll use you to punish your father.”


I stamp my foot like a child, I don’t know where the action came from but it seemed like the only thing I could do in the situation.

“I have to meet him,” I cry, it was true it was to important. I had spent my entire life putting all my thoughts of my father into a do not open box and now, now they had all come rushing out and they weren’t going back in.

“I’ll find him,” Rufio promises me, “and I’ll bring him to you.” I smile in genuine relief and thankfulness.

“Then I guess I’m joining the pirates,” I state, unsure of how I felt about that.

Rufio sighs, “Be careful, every group in Neverland there out for themselves, there are no heroes here, the pirates included if they think they can get a good deal by passing you on to someone else they will,” he warns me.

“Then how come you know they won’t give me to Peter Pan?” I question confused, after all that boy was bound to offer them anything.

Rufio laughs, “They have far to much pride for that, when it comes to the pirates they’d never make a deal with Peter Pan, no matter what he offers them.” I nod glad to hear the words, though not completely sure I was heading to safer shores. I also couldn’t seem to shake the fact that Peter Pan brought me here, he could have taken me on the first day. Yet he let me wander, why? Something told me that everything I did and was going to do would somehow play right into his hands.  “I have some clothes if you want to change, old things of your mothers,” Rufio tells me. I nod, unsure if I actually wanted to take them. This time on Neverland made me feel bad for my mother and I didn’t want any reminders of her, Neverland was too big of one to add anymore into the mix. Yet, I was filthy and its not as if I would even really notice the difference between her clothes and anyone elses.

I emerged from the tiny shack Rufio called home, changed, free of my glasses and ready to face the pirates and there ship.


The thought of meeting my father was driving me on and I knew deep within myself that someone would have to kill me before preventing me from meeting him. James looks me over giving me a nod of approval at my new attire, it was certainly more suited to Neverland.

“I’m ready,” I inform him shyly, my nerves increasing once again as the reality of my situation sink in.


“Well I hope the Captain agrees with me bringing you on board,” James comments smirking, as if he knew that his words would bring me more nerves than I already had. I close my eyes, forcing myself to count to three as I expelled the doubts from my mind.

“He better be,” I reply to James in a firm voice as I open my eyes again.

James grins, “Now you sound like a Neverlander, who knows you might live a few years,” he tells me.

“A Neverlander,” I taste the words in my mouth, it sounded odd and somehow right at the same time, I mean after all wasn’t I daughter to the King of the Lost Boys?



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