Generation 1 Chapter 4

So I will warn you that not only is this chapter shorter but it also doesn’t have many pictures….I’m very sorry

Chapter 4

“Pirates and Lost Boys”

Talia was more than obliging to give me everything I needed, even going so far as to offer Elena as a guide to the last spot the pirate ship was seen, which I politely declined. Micheal was right then I assumed, Talia wanted Tinkerbell punished for whatever crimes she had done against the fairies. Judging from my mother’s stories, I wondered if it had something to do with siding with Peter Pan. Which just gave me more questions like, how did she betray Peter Pan and on that note what the hell did Micheal owe her? He’d taken to giving me the cold shoulder while I prepared for my trip, I was tempted to ask him but figured he needed time to cool off. If he even ended up forgiving me, I mean he didn’t need to, he didn’t owe me anything. Except for how he knew my mother, another question to add to the growing list. “You’ll be fine?” Elena asks me, the worry in her voice clear.


I shrug, “Yeah sure why not? I’m just going to try and capture a fairy right out of the hands of pirates,” I mutter sarcastically. I wasn’t stupid enough to think this was an achievable goal, but my wish to go home kept out trumping my logical side. In fact a lot of things had been out-trumping my logical side lately. Elena frowns as if the thought of what I was about to attempt had just occurred to her, she opens her mouth as if to voice an objection but then closes it again.

“I wish you well,” she murmurs, before moving away.


I watch her retreat confused, it was clear she didn’t want me to go but she said nothing. Talia, I figure, she must not want to disagree with Talia. I couldn’t blame her, and its not as if she was going to change my mind anyway. I sigh looking at Elena walking away, then I turn forward to the two fairies who stand in front of me. Taking a small vial out of my pocket, I drink it quickly trying to ignore the odd taste.

“I’m ready,” I tell the fairies, offering them each a hand.

Travel in and out of Pixie Hollow required a fairy, unless of course you were a fairy. The location of their home was a secret guarded jealously. Of course when Micheal told me that I was indignant, I had just been told that my adverse reaction was caused by that particular mode of travel and they expected me to do it again. Elena quickly promised me a medicine that would prevent the effect, well probably were her exact words. As I open my eyes, my head pounds but not nearly as badly and I thank Elena in my head. I stared directly in front of me as the sun shone the sun a brilliant blue.


I smile, I’m not sure why, but its so beautiful. I had been so preoccupied on getting out of Neverland that I don’t think I ever stopped to admire the beauty that this island held. I shield my eyes as I squint into the distance, trying to spot the pirate ship, it was last seen here but as Talia claimed it could be miles away. It seems I wasn’t in luck it was nowhere in sight. “Typical,” I snap to myself. None of this could be easy. Not to mention I had no idea which direction down the beach to head, left, right, who even knew? I finally decided on left after I did eeny meeny minee mo of course, because Neverland was reverting me back to the mind of a child apparently.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I had probably picked the wrong way, the more I walked the more empty the sea looked. Until one moment I spot something, it glints in the distance and I can’t help it, I jump up in excitement.


I nearly let out a scream, but quickly hold my tongue when I realize how close the ship is to the shore. I frown wondering why? Maybe they had come for food or something along those lines. I head into the forest thinking it was best to approach from somewhere that they couldn’t see me. I hoped that none of the pirates were that close after all I was exactly trained in a stealthy approach. I move forward slowly looking out for any signs of disturbance in the forest around me. I am forced to stop in my tracks when I hear something, the smallest crack. It’s just animals I tell myself even if I knew that wasn’t true. So it really came as no surprise when an arm went round my neck and a knife was placed against the tender skin of my throat. I try to scream, before realizing it will do no use.

“Who are you?” the voice asks, a male voice, he didn’t sound to old. Who am I kidding, was anyone here old?

“Belle,” I breathe out, trying to wriggle away from the person who held me in strong grip.

“What are you doing here?” the second question comes out of his mouth as a hiss, almost as if he is already tiring of this conversation.

I contemplated lying but there really was no point that I could see, “I’m here to find the pirates,” I inform him.

“Well you’re in luck,” he responds, releasing me from his grasp. I scramble a few steps away turning to face my attacker, he stands lazily against a tree, taking a swig of a bottle that I can only assume contains rum. I wrinkle my nose in distaste, maybe pirates really were as stereotypical as they were shown to be. “I need to speak to Tinkerbell,” I tell him, wondering whether or not he was just waiting to kill me or take me prisoner.


“Well you’re out of luck, she’s gone,” he replies. I consider for a few seconds that he might be lying, but something just told me he wasn’t and since this was Neverland I was going to no doubt go with my gut feeling.

“Where’d she go?” I question, wondering how long this next trek was going to be. The man scoffs as a response to something but I don’t know what.

“You’re one of them come to take Tinkerbell to Peter Pan to escape Neverland, aren’t you?” he questions me, and for some strange reason it shocks me I’m not the first.

I shift nervously all of a sudden feeling embarrassed, “Maybe,” I mutter.

“She’s returned to Peter Pan they had a lovely reunion, until him and his Lost Boys killed three of us,” he informs, taking another drink from his bottle.

“Oh,” I reply, unsure how to react to the information, “but I thought Peter Pan and her were you know not friends,” I reply, trying to work things out in my head.

The pirate shrugged as if he was already tired of this conversation, “She brought him the news of the Darling girl or something.”


My mother’s words flashed through my mind, Tinkerbell told the stars about me and they told Peter Pan. I can’t quite believe it, how could she possibly have any idea of what’s happening in Neverland. She couldn’t I decided, it was just a coincidence.

“Right well um you’re not going to kill me or anything are you,” I question him, cringing as the words left my lips. In all fairness though, I had never been faced with a pirate how was I meant to know how to handle the situation. How was I meant to know how to handle any of this?

The pirate seems to consider my words and I gulp wondering if he really would kill me. “No, you’ll be dead soon enough anyway,” he says shrugging. His words sent ice through me, they were said with absolutely certainty that it scared me. It was finally dawning on me that even though Neverland was beautiful, you probably couldn’t find an uglier place to leave. How else to you control the population in a place where nobody ages, unless of course you want to.

“We’ll see,” I murmur, I mean I had Micheal right, or at least used to. The pirate places a hand to his hilt, obviously carrying his sword and I step back afraid that his is now reconsidering his words, desperately searching for anything I can defend myself with. As my eyes turn I notice that we are no longer alone but joined by a host of teenage boys, no Lost Boys I correct myself.

The first one steps forward, maybe he’s the leader of the group, “She belongs to Peter Pan,” he says talking about me, but staring at the pirate. His words are a threat but I don’t know why like he was going to contest it, he was so outnumbered.

The pirate shrugs, “I don’t know I quite like her,” he replies taking out his sword. My eyes widen at his words, then it strikes me he must be willing to do anything to get into a fight with these boys. They were after all arch enemies. The leader of the Lost Boys smiles as if he wanted the pirate to say these words. I consider briefly if I could run why they were fighting but I highly doubted it. I didn’t know what Peter Pan wanted with me and I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to find out. They prepared to fight and I roughly tried to figure out an escape plan when a high pitched noise that made everyone including me fall to the floor clutching their heads in pain.


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